2016 Rd.3 China



Many teams and drivers struggled with rear stability and complained about Pirelli’s minimum tyre pressure in Shanghai.


The Italian tyre manufacturer set minimum pressure for shanghai 2 weeks ago, which was 1 PSI(fronts) and 1.5 PSI(rears) higher than last year’s. Because of that, many cars had to face at lack of grip and overheating issue from Friday.


But Pirelli engineer reveals that some teams have already find the solution to cool their tyres down, and such teams are running relatively lower pressure, which is not 1 PSI or 1.5 PSI higher than last year’s starting pressure.




Besides, Pirelli set maximum camber -3.0 for fronts and -2.5 for rears (at the end of the longest straight) in their preview report to the teams which is published 2 weeks before the race, but the Italian company changed -3.5 for front this week. This is believed to treat with high speed and long corners like Turn 1-2 or 13.


(text and photo by F1TECH)





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