2016 Rd.3 China



Honda lost Jenson Button’s first components of ICE, TC, MGU-H and MGU-K in Bahrain.


The Japanese manufacturer had to change Button’s 4 components due to the issue in the last race. It was only a bearing issue in MGU-K, but its broken pieces flown into the other components via oil line.


Honda engineer revealed it is not an issue related to the design itself, it maybe an individual difference of the parts manufacturing.


The bearing is regarded a consumable parts by FIA, so that every manufacturers change such parts regularly. And those 4 components were able to repair by washing out the broken metal pieces, but those will be counted another new ones by FIA regulation if the seals were broken. So Honda introduced 2nd components for Button in Shanghai.


Honda also lost Fernando Alonso’s 1st ICE in Melbourne. His ICE itself was OK, however, huge impact of the crash with Esteban Gutierrez broke the mounting area of enginee head cover of Alonso because 2016 Honda RA616H is connected to the gearbox directly via ICE head cover.


(text and photo by F1TECH)




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