What’s F1TECH?



What’s F1TECH?


F1TECH brings you full of technical insights of latest and historic Formula One cars.

More than 1,000 hi-res close-up pictures are uploaded from the Paddock every Grand Prix weekend.




We are the SPY in the Paddock!


Only few people can walk through the F1 Pit lane and see F1 cars at hand.

But our tremendous picture archive allows you to see them like you are in front of them.


Sometimes you will find pictures, which the teams never want to be seen.

The guys always try to hide their car away from us, because that is the reason of their speed.

But we fight and catch them at last!


F1TECH is the harvest of our fight in the Paddock.



We offer you quality and quantity.

CANON 1DX 18 Mega pixel hi-res photos, 1,000 pics per race, it’s never be found at anywhere else.

It’s One and Only digital intelligence service.



Therefore, our website is not opened for everyone.

We disclose it to limited people who can understand our policy.


It’s not free, it’s not cheap, but it’s worthy

for those who really love technology of Formula One.




 F1TECH’s contents 



Technical report featuring various teams’ updates, general technologies in F1,

and interviews with technical personnel etc.




More than 1,000 hi-res pictures are uploaded every race weekend.

You can see the details of the cars every Grand Prix.




We have huge archive of pictures of each 2015 car.

Search by part (ex. Front Wing, Power Unit) is also available.

You can see the development history of each car.




We also have huge archive of historic F1 cars.

Pics from those days and pics of existing car in museums or F1 garages all around the world.

Ex. Red Bull RB7(2009), Sauber C31(2012) etc

It’s coming more and more.




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